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Which oil boiler is right for my home?

Making the right choice of oil boiler installations Fife that will meet your heating and hot water requirements is an important decision. You want to ensure that you choose a reliable and efficient oil boiler that will fit into your home, whether that be in the kitchen, a utility room, or in a garage.

If you have a small property with around 10 radiators and one bathtub, you might opt for an oil combi boiler that has a hot water and heating demand in one unit. If, however, you have a large property with multiple users and hot water draw offs, you might want to think about an oil system boiler with a hot water cylinder. This will give you much better flow through your hot taps when being used at the same time.


What brands of oil boilers are available in the UK?

Unlike gas boiler manufacturers which have many different brands, oil boiler manufacturers are few and far between.

The UK market comprises five oil boiler manufacturers: Grant, Firebird, Warmflow, Worcester Bosch and Navien. Operating from around the 1970’s onwards, all manufacturers have pioneered development in the oil boiler market and all manufacturers have had their products tested to OFTEC standards.

They all offer different warranties, and it depends on what your requirements are that will dictate which brand you choose. Oil boilers are reliable and can achieve up to 93% efficiency and last for around 20 years if they are well maintained.


Key things to consider when choosing an oil boiler.

1/ Sizing: You will want to ensure that the boiler you have chosen is the correct size for the property. If its sized too small, the boiler will struggle to meet the heating requirements for the house. If its sized too big, you could be burning too much oil and therefore wasting energy that hits your pocket unnecessarily.

2/ Efficiency: The efficiency of the boiler should also be a consideration for homeowners wanting to save money. The more efficient the product, the less fuel the boiler will require to heat the house.

3/ Price and warranty: Oil boilers vary widely in price. They can cost anywhere from £1500 to more than £3500. It is also very important to consider the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Boilers have moving parts and can develop faults over time, which can be expensive to repair. For your peace of mind, it is wise to select a product which provides a warranty that satisfies your needs.

4/ Maintenance: Oil boilers generally cost more to service and maintain than gas boilers. Therefore, it is important that you choose an oil boiler that has a warranty that fits your requirements. It is also important to have your oil boiler serviced regularly to ensure that they burn efficiently which will lead to saving in oil consumption.


Tips on finding an oil boiler installer in Fife

1/ Do some online research into local companies that install oil boilers. Not all engineers install oil boilers so be sure to check on their website if they do. Don’t just rely on the information provided at the website, also check them out by doing a Company search to see if they are genuine.

2/ Only employ oil boiler installers who have the necessary competency. A poorly installed boiler is not just inefficient, it can be dangerous for the people in the house. Do your homework and learn more about their reputation and if they offer any after-sale services.

3/ Seek help from family or friends to see if they know any good reputable oil boiler installers. Check out the Company’s reviews on Google to see how they respond to poor reviews. Let’s face it, we all make mistakes but it’s the ones that hold their hand up high and take responsibility that you want to be hiring.

4/Get a quote from a couple of oil boiler installers and check their credentials then have a conversation with both to gauge whether you want to work with them or not. Don’t just choose the first Company, be diligent and make sure you get the right Company to do the job. After all, you are making a long-term investment!

5/ Hire a local oil boiler installer as they generally offer a better after-sales service than a national Company and will be there to answer the phone should you experience any issues with your boiler.



Newer condensing oil boilers have an energy efficiency of up to 93%. This means that you will not only reduce the energy output but it will save you on the amount of fuel required and help reduce your fuel bills each month. Energy costs of a condensing oil-fired boiler are typically much lower than that of electric boilers. Oil boilers can be installed externally meaning that you will have more space in your home to put other appliances. If you are thinking of investing in a new energy efficient oil boiler, ple4ase contact us and we can advise which make and model would best suit your needs.


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