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Central Heating Installations

If you have purchased a property that does not have central heating, adding a new well-designed heating system will instantly upgrade the home.  Do you need to replace old costly storage heaters with a new efficient gas or oil -fired heating system?

Central Heating Installations require proper planning and design for it to work effectively and efficiently and this is where we can advise you.  Call Letsgo TNT Gas,  the professionals to make sure the work is completed properly the first time.

New central heating installations affects every room in your home.  It is of the utmost importance to get the design right the first time, and we will be there to guide and advise you in relation to what type of system compliments your property best.

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What’s Involved With Complete Central Heating Installations?

There are many components to central heating installations.  That’s why you need an experienced engineer to complete the work for you.  At Letsgo TNT Gas, our engineers are Gas Safe Registered.  We are a local company who provide a high standard of workmanship in a friendly manner.

A heating system is made up of a boiler, a network of pipes, radiators, a pump, controls and a thermostat with other smaller components added depending on the type of system you opt for. Calculations and planning are needed to make sure there are the correct size of radiators in each room, and the boiler is sufficient to heat them all.  That is where our team’s experience comes in – we have fitted many systems over the years and we know what is required and how to fit it right.

It is best to install a complete heating system into an empty property.  That way we have access to all the rooms and can take up flooring easily to lay pipes etc.  If the property cannot be empty, then we will discuss what we need to do and how we can achieve it.

How Much Are New Central Heating Installations?

When considering the cost of central installations, it’s crucial to recognise the various components contributing to its expense. While the boiler stands out as the most expensive single component, its price is just the tip of the iceberg. Beyond the boiler, installing new pipes throughout the property and adding radiators in every room significantly inflate the overall cost. This comprehensive overhaul is necessary to ensure efficient heat distribution throughout the house.

Despite the initial investment, the cost of a new heating system may not be as prohibitive as commonly perceived. Typically starting from around £4500, the price varies depending on the size of the property. However, it’s essential to view this expenditure as an investment rather than a mere expense. A new heating system enhances the value of the property significantly, making it not just a place to live but a desirable investment.

One of the most compelling reasons to opt for a new heating system is the efficiency it brings. Modern boilers are designed to be highly efficient, consuming less gas to achieve the desired warmth. Consequently, homeowners can expect lower heating bills over time, which helps offset the initial installation cost. The long-term savings on energy bills contribute to the overall cost-effectiveness of upgrading to a new system.

Additionally, beyond the financial aspects, a new heating system also enhances the comfort and livability of the home. With consistent warmth distributed evenly throughout every room, homeowners can enjoy a cozy and comfortable living environment, particularly during colder months. This improved comfort adds real value to the home, making it a more pleasant and inviting space for both owners and potential buyers.

In essence, while the upfront cost of installing a central heating system may seem daunting, it’s important to consider the broader benefits and long-term savings associated with such an investment. By improving energy efficiency, increasing property value, and enhancing overall comfort, a new heating system proves to be a worthwhile expenditure in the long run.


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