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A Free Guide On Oil Boiler Repairs

It’s a Friday night and you just turned your heating on but the boiler never fired up. Sounds familiar? Oil boiler repairs can be a lot more expensive than that of gas boilers but there are a few simple things that you might be able to do yourself before calling out a local heating engineer.

In this guide, we will be talking about:

How do oil boilers work?

Oil boiler vs gas boiler difference?

Can I fix the boiler myself?

How much do oil boiler repairs cost?

Where to find an oil boiler engineer?

How Do Oil Boilers Work?

Obviously an oil-fired boiler uses oil rather than natural gas to provide your home with hot water and heating. Similar to a gas boiler, the water is pumped around the heating system to heat up your radiators.

When the room thermostat calls for heat, it sends a signal to the oil boiler. The oil travels from the tank to a burner inside the boiler via a pump where it becomes a fine mist mixed with air. This fuel/air mixture enters the burner, where it ignites in the combustion chamber and begins heating the water.


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Oil Boiler vs Gas Boiler Difference?

Natural gas is more commonly used to heat homes than oil. Gas is delivered to your home in long-distance, secure pipelines and delivered to your home via a gas meter where you are charged for kw useage. Whereas, if your home is fuelled by oil, you have to pay for it upfront. The oil will then be delivered by a tanker truck and pumped into your tank.

The heating oil market rate tends to be more flexible than gas. Therefore, it’s wise to wait for cheaper pricing before making an order for delivery.

Heating oil burns at a much higher temperature than natural gas. This means your boiler will use less oil to produce as much heat as a gas boiler. It also means your oil boiler will heat up your home much quicker because it delivers more heat.

The cost of having an oil boiler installed is much higher than having a gas boiler installed. Where the average cost of a gas boiler installation would cost around £2500, a similar oil boiler installation would cost around £4500.

If your old oil boiler is contantly breaking down and costing you money, click here to get a quote for a new one.


Can I Fix The Boiler Myself?

There are a few things that you can try before you need to call someone out for any oil boiler repairs. If there is no power to the boiler, try to see if the main power has tripped. Check the main circuit board and if it has tripped, switch it back on again and the boiler should work.

If the presure is too low, your boiler won’t fire up. All you need to do is open the valves on the filling loop which should be located next to the boiler and fill it to between 1 and 1.5 bar. Once you have done this, don’t forget to close the valves on filling loop.

If the boiler has gone to lockout, don’t panic! Go to your tank outside and check to see if there is any oil in it. If you have oil, there could be a blockage in the oil line but this is not something you should try fixing yourself. Call out an engineer to fix this issue.

If it is winter and cold outside, chances are you will have a blocked condensate pipe. All you need to do is apply some warm water to the pipe until it unfreezes. Once it has, the boiler will fire up again.

How Much Do Oil Boiler Repairs Cost?

This very much depends on the area you live in. If you are close to a town where there are various heating engineers operating, the cost of your oil boiler repairs will be cheaper than that if you reside in the middle of nowhere. To give you an idea of the cost of oil boiler repairs, a new pump would set you back around £300 including labour.

If the oil pump is faulty and needs replaced, this would cost around £250 but can vary depending on the make of the oil pump. If your electrodes are faulty and need replaced it would cost around £150 to replace.

As you have seen, it is more expensive to for oil boiler repairs that that of gas boilers.  Best way to mitigate any expensive oil boiler repairs would be to have your boiler serviced regularly.

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Where To Find An Oil Boiler Engineer

Oil boiler engineers are harder to find that gas engineers mainly because there is not as high of a demand for oil boiler engineers. Also many gas engineers do not want to travel up to 100 miles to get to a customers property as it takes out quite a bit of time in your day.

Fortunately, there are quite a few oil engineers out there willing to travel to rural locations to do oil boiler repairs at your property. You can check manufacturers websites for example, grant oil boilers. They upload oil engineers all over the country that are registered installers with them.

You can also try other oil boiler manufacturers websites like: Worcester, Navien or Warmflow. They all have similar databases of engineers near you.

You could also try checkatrade to find an oil engineer. By doing a Google search for oil boiler engineers near me, it will bring up a list of them that operate in your area.

If you are local to us, please feel free to contact us to get an oil boiler repair booked in.



As you have learned from this newsletter, oil boiler repairs can get quite expensive. Make sure that you get your oil boiler serviced regularly to reduce the chances of you having to spend money on costly repairs. we hope that you got some value from this blog and would love to hear any feedback you have. We would appreciate if you would share this blog on your facebook feed.







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