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2023 Guide To Your Annual Oil Boiler Service

Unlike gas boilers, oil boilers are much more expensive. Not just to install or replace them, but to repair. In this guide, you will learn what to look out for when you hire an engineer for an oil boiler service. If you neglect having your oil boiler service done annually, you risk having to pay out a lot more in having it repaired. Let’s dive in!

Cost Of An Oil Boiler Service In 2023

This is depenant on your location. Generally speaking oil boilers are located in rural parts of the country and require companies to have to travel to a property to carry out an oil boiler service.How much does oil boiler service cost? Expect to pay more for an oil boiler service in Edinburgh than you would in Dundee. The average cost of an oil boiler service in Scotland ranges from £90 – £120 plus vat. Do NOT see this as an expense but more of an investment. If your oil boiler service is neglected, it could quickly build up soot and start causing you problems that could go into the hundreds of £££ in repairs.

Not sure how much oil engineers in your area charge for their oil boiler service, click here for a quote.


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How Often Should You Service Your Oil Boiler?

Just the same as with a gas boiler, every 12 months. However, if an oil boiler service is missed and it doesn’t get done for a couple of years, chances are it will cost you more. If oil boilers are not burning correctly, they soot up and can cause issues with other components. It would be wise NOT to miss your annual oil boiler service.  Click here to get an appointment for your oil boiler service.

Is It Mandatory To Have Your Oil Boiler Serviced?

Absolutely not if you are a homeowner. However, if you are a landlord, you are required to have an oil boiler service every 12 months. If the boiler is still in warranty, it is a stipulation from the manufacturer that the boiler must be serviced annually to maintain the warranty. As mentioned earlier, it would be unwise to skip having your oil boiler service completed annually by an oil engineer as it could end up costing you more in repairs.

A poorly maintaine oil boiler and heating system is an inefficient one and as such will cost you much more than the price of an oil boiler service.

For example, having sludge build-up is a common boiler-killer. As it builds up in your oil boiler, it’ll make it less efficient; and will cost you more money on heating oil as your radiators struggle to get warm. Having an Adey magnetic filter fitted to your heating system will reduce the risk of sludge getting into the heating system and help reduce the cost of your energy bills.

What Should You Expect From An Oil Boiler Service?

When an oil heating engineer completes the service, don’t take their word for it. We provide all of our customers.with an oil service record which informs them of what has been done during the oil boiler service. Most definitely if your boiler is under warranty, you require a written confirmation that an oil boiler service has been completed. Proof of work completed will come in the form  CD/11.


  1. Check all parts relating to safety, such as the pressure relief valve and burner lockout
  2. Assess pipework to the boiler checking for any leaks
  3. Flue Analysis, which tells if the boiler is burning correctly. Adjust oil pressure if required.
  4. Make sure there’s no water in your oil tank
  5. Take out the burner and clean it. Replace the oil nozzle and electrodes if necessary.
  6.  Clean out the main heat exchanger.
  7. Check the oil hose/s for wear. Replace if required.

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Common Faults With Oil Boilers

Water in Oil Tank

Water gets into your oil tank and is transferred with the oil to the boiler. This can carry debris from the bottom of the tank and block the nozzle. Modern boilers will lock out when the photocell senses water in the oil but older boilers will not lockout. The nozzle and oil line back to the tank will need to be cleaned of water which will be done by an oil engineer.

Clogged Nozzle

All oil boilers will accumulate congealed oil on the nozzles over time, which will cause them to perish. This is why you should get an oil boiler service done annually to prevent this from happening.

Soot in the photo cell

When the photocell is clogged with soot, it will not be able to  detect whether the boiler is lit and will switch it off. In most cases the photocell can be cleaned.

Soot on electrodes

Over time the electrodes get covered in soot. If it is worn it may not light the boiler. Replace the electrodes.

Condensate trap dirty

Condensation and debris can accumulate at the bottom of the trap and stop the boiler from working. trap needs cleaned out.

Don’t delay your oil boiler service as it will save you £££ in the long run!

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Need A New Oil Boiler?

If your old boiler is out of warranty and breaks down often, it may be time to consider investing in a new oil boiler. Investing in a new oil boiler could save you a lot of money on your heating oil as they are much more efficient than older oil boilers. If you have any questions regarding which oil boiler would be best for your property, feel free to contact us here.


As discussed throughout this blog, oil boilers are much more expensive to install and repair than gas boilers. It is essential that you get an oil boiler service annually to protect your investment. If your oil boiler is old and breaks down a lot, it’s probably time to think of having it replaced as it will cost you a fortune in repairs and heating oil. We hope that you got some value from this blog and would really appreciate if you could share it with friends and family that also have oil boilers on your facebook feed.

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